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What we spend your free time, and whether to spend it on reading books? The question, of course, complex. Not everyone reads books, and even more so doing it regularly. There are a lot of reasons. But let's turn to the scientists who, through scientific studies prove that reading really useful process for our brain. Experts from Oxford University used MRI and found that when reading the man aktiviziruyutsya the same brain areas as when monitoring described in the book scenes live. Oxford University Professor John Stein says: "We are so "hardwired," what is happening is that the brain reacts to the book as much as if we actually participated in the described". In other words, the statement: "a Reader lives thousands of lives," is very far from the truth. You can argue – what is the use of thousands of lives, if we for one don't have time. Use emotions, brightness, saturation. Imagine if you had a real opportunity to travel every 2-3 months. How much brighter and more varied life would be like. So reading fiction gives us these feelings.

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